Create. Acquire. Build.

Cambik acquires amazon driven outperforming businesses and also creates brands to build them tapping their full potential.


Cambik aims to take brands to the next level

Value drivers are put to use to expand/grow the launched/acquired branch.  - Leverage In house Technology in all business operations - Enhance the financial position of existing and acquiring brands. - Accelerate overall growth of brands -Expand reach by giving brands access to new marketplaces & channels. 


How Cambik scans and eyes brands for acquisition?

Your brand has potential of being acquired by Cambik, if it is:


Amazon Driven

Outperforming at the right scale 

Winning hearts of Customers  

Repetitive Consumer Demand Product


Sell Your Business With Ease - The Deal Process

We know the thought of selling your business can be intimidating, so we believe in keeping the process completely hassle-free. 


Initial Review

A quick chat which would be all about knowing each other & coming out with the valuation of your Amazon business. 

Due- Deligence & Legal

Cambik would understand the current position of the brand & get the legal papers ready.

Letter Of Intent

This is good news stating we will be moving ahead to buys and sky rocket your brand’s growth. 


Final step involves migration of accounts & final payment. 


We keep growing our brand family are always on the look-out for acquiring businesses. Interested in selling your brand? Tell us more 


About Our Team

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Aniruddha Singhai


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Anurodh Singhai



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